Why choose Edupro

EduproApp is a first ever cloud based academic process collaborations solution built on Google Apps for both K-12 and Higher-Ed. This solution is completely integrated with Google Apps and help collaborate in almost all functions from admissions to graduation. The major modules in solution are student management, staff management, search user database, attendance management, timetable management, student assessment both online and offline, fee management, transport management, hostel management, training and placement, offline access, multiple dashboard etc.

Edupro Google Apps Based Education ERP

First Ever Educational App built on Google Apps

Subscription based

Pay for what you use.

Cloud Based

Don't worry about your data, we are already on cloud.

Edupro is on Cloud

No matter where you are, you can access this from anywhere anytime

We are First

We have started this, educational built on Google Apps for Education

First Ever Google Apps based Educational ERP

We have used Google Apps to redefine the process to develop Edupro App

Subscription Based

Edupro is only available in subscription based model

Pay for what you use

You just need to pay for what you have used, No need to pay extra. You can decide to scale anytime.

Multiple Dashboards

Edupro App will provide your users with multiple dashboards, depending on the role of the user, Edupro will present the data which are relevant to that particular user.

Built on Google Apps for Education

Edupro App Educational ERP is built on Google Apps using Google Technologies.

Strong foundation of Google Technologies

Now you can manage your institute in Google Way, if your institute is Google Apps, Edupro App will help you using Google Apps by defining processes around it.

Implemented in Weeks

Edupro App is developed by cloud professionals, we have started with one process and going forward incorporated each module to build a process using Google Apps.

Offline Access

You can use some modules of Edupro App without internet.

No Internet No Problem

Edupro App will help you to access some modules when internet is not present.

Safe and Secured

You are the sole owner of your institute data.

Using Google Drive

We have integrated this application with Google Sheet to use as database for your institute.

Access Anywhere

No matter where you are, you can access Edupro App from anywhere

Access Anytime

Edupro App is hosted on Google Server, so there is 99.9% uptime guarantee.